Writer's Notes

By Brian Kahn

Welcome back Squawkers! So first, an apology ​is in order. On March 12, 2020, Charlotte Squawks tweeted:
Charlotteans: We regret to inform you CHARLOTTE SQUAWKS: 16 SCANDALS is NOT cancelled (bc it runs May 28-June 21). Here's a "presale fan" link to tix, so you guys will have something to look forward to besides using all that toilet paper you just bought. Squawks 16
So I guess this whole COVID thing is basically our fault. But hey, at least we didn’t get banned from Twitter like some people. Of course, by changing the title to “Going Viral!” we appear to have not learned our lesson, which is actually pretty on brand. In retrospect, we probably should have gone with “Variant of Concern.” Well, maybe next year…
​That said, it’s good to finally be back! For perspective, the big numbers for the original June 2020 version of Squawks 16 were about the ​RNC convention coming, Kemba Walker​ going, and Trump’s impeachment (the first one) … ​yeah, that was for a show that would have happened only a year ago. NONE of that is in this show. We also have five new cast members who weren’t even born the last time we performed. (Okay, I’m exaggerating, Jeff was around.)
Anyway, we hope you enjoy … although we’ll really have no idea one way or the other assuming your faces are covered with masks … and assuming we haven’t been shut down again. Hello … HELLO?