Blumenthal Performing Arts recognizes with gratitude the dedication and generosity of the following supporters.

Producer's Circle
Peg and Jay Adamczyk Dr. Milton and Arlene Berkman Philanthropic Fund Barbara and David+ Goodman* Mary and Mike Lamach Julianne Marley
Rebecca S. Henderson and J. Michael Booe Betsy and Alfred Brand Robin and Lea Burt Bob and Jena Gallagher Charles and Diane Harrington Nancy and David Hauser Laura and Jeff Hay Renee and Chris Hobart Robert H. Norville, Jr. Michelle Lee Susanne and Bill McGuire Courtney and Jared Mobley Michael, Jaime and Allie Monday Charlotte and Arthur Mott Linda and Tony Pace Jean and Matthew Salisbury Carolyn Shaw Ann and Michael Tarwater Tracey and Scott Tozier
Rubina and Samuel Batt Ben Bourne Julie and Tom Eiselt Dorlisa and Peter Flur The George and Eva Raftelis Foundation* Karen and Robert Micklash Courtney and Casey Rogers
Kelly and Richard Battle The Blumenthal Foundation - Amy and Philip Blumenthal Doug and Shelly Bose Crandall and Erskine Bowles Catherine Cordle Morgan and Brian Cromwell Dan and Gena DeChant Mrs. Mary Anne Dickson Beth and Jonathan Feit Bill and Sally Gardner Beverly and Jim Hance Neil and Janet Kaplan Meghan Daigle and Troy Leo Portia and Mark MacKinnon Fara Maltsbarger Barbara and Josh Meeks Sonja and Richard Nichols Larry and Dale Polsky Derek and Judy Raghavan Denise Olexa and Charlie Rapp Casey and Jaime Rentch Kelli and Mike Richardson Irena and Lee Rimler Rose and Tom Sherard Peggy and Pope Shuford Lori and Eric Sklut Evan and Brenda Turtz Glenn Tynan and Karen Jensen-Tynan Dale Halton and Fred Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. White Anja and David Zimmerman
Becky and Michael Alcione Peter De Arcangelis Cathy and Jim Baily Mr. and Mrs. Alan Blumenthal Chris and Steve Brace Kristin and Buck Bradberry Nathalie and Daniel Carrizosa Mary Catherine and Robert Chesney Delane and Walter Clark Nan and Hal Clarke Karin and Sean Davies Amy and Alfred Dawson Pamela and Greg Dills Jim Donahue Michele Durkin Lorine and Ray Edwards Lou Kinard and Charlie Elberson The Hertel Family Michele and Walter Fisher The Marc and Mattye Silverman Foundation Kathy Giannuzzi Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Gibbs Belinda and Timothy Gunter Patrick Hammeke Robin and Blaine Hawkins Leland Helms Harvey and Muri Corzin - Stephen, Rebecca and Myles Hess Larissa and Ken Huber Nora and Thomas Hughes Ronald Kahn Lyndon W. Kennedy Rob and Heather Larson Thomas Madson Ms. Marie Mitchell Linda and Edward Need Anna and Tom Nelson Rene and Brian Noonan Nadine and Leif Rauer Sally and Russell Robinson Lisa and Robert Rollins Wendy and Frank Rosen Mikel and Diane Ryan Karen and William Schaphorst Beth and John Schleck Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Schmidly Glenn Sherrill Andrew Olah and Lara Shurig Cindy and David Soliday Suzanne and Michael Stritch Carrie and Jeff Teixeira Jacqueline A. Tucker Rita and Bill Vandiver Ellen and Ron Vilas Sandy and Greg Vlahos Melissa and Kevin White Karen and Ed Whitener In loving memory of my Rip - Cathey Winfield
Keith Alyea Holly and Jeff Atkins Randy and Nancy Baker Bryan and Kristen Barboza Anne and John Barry Christine and Arthur Becker Wendi and Dave Boddy Peggy and Ray Bouley Mona Brandon Lauren and Peiffer Brandt Rosanne Brandt Pat and Tim Brier Kathleen Britton Susan and Greg Brouse Steve and Rhonda Bueche Eric Hauser and Phillip Butts Cheryl and David Carson Ofelia and Philip Claxton Brent Clevenger Dr. Elaine and Steve Coats Linda and Richard Cook Anjali Shah and Palash Desai Sidney and Andres Echevarria Erin Lavely Fisher Karen Griffin and John Galloway Kelly and Doug Gardner Eric and Jane Giavedoni Linda and Greg Gombar Jessica and William Griesser Kathy and Ben Hill Juliet and Brian Hirsch Carol Hitselberger Jim and Frankie Honeycutt Christine and Robert Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. William T. Houser Ian Howell Peggy and Jim Hynes David S. Jacobson Juanita and Lloyd Johnson Michelle Johnson Linda and Kerry Kenner Virginia A. Kern Joan Kirschner Patty and Chris Lambert Jennifer and Ross M. Levin Margie and Victor Lisciani Vickie and Ron Livingston Joseph and Uschi Marko Ashley and Scott Mattei Laurie and Pat McCormick Jodi and Gary Michel Jack Page and Robert Myers Janet and Peter Nixon Dr. Valerie and Mr. Barton O'Kelley Mrs. Susanna Parker Donna and Steve Pernotto Peggy and Terry Peterson Jim Putnam Mary and Dave Pylipow Pat Riley Anne and Steve Schmitt Dr. Marvin Shapiro and Mrs. Anita Shapiro Emilie and Gene Sharbaugh Cheryl Barringer and Mike Sherman Deanna and Norman Shue Tom E. Smith Dia and Paul Steiger Phil and Michelle Stillman Ryan Sullivan Wanda and Jack Thomas Kristin Thomas David Thomason Mary Ellen and Reid Wilkerson Floyd Wisner Ken Spielfogel and Richard Withem Jennifer and John Wozniak
Amy Baker Dana Bandi Mr. Marty Barris In memory of Linda Beck Julie and Riaz Bhamani Bonnie and Jim Blair Beth and Rich Buchanan Peter and Cynthia Buck Chelsea Chafin Caroline and Matt Chambers Lillian M. Chapman Melinda and John Childress Katie and Lee Cornwell Brad Platt and Steve Crook Dennis and Rita Daar Douglas and Therese Dawson Meg and Jay Dees Dena R. Diorio Sharon and Vincent DiSandro Sandra and Eddie Edwards The Edmund Shea Family Kayla Freeman Matt Gabbard Bob and Jean Gantt Darcy and Steven Garfinkel Robin Gershen Michael Condel and Ivey Graham Johnnie Willis and Michael Green William and Deidre Grubb Jesica Bullrich and Patrick Halsch Neil and Sharyn Handelsman Ellen and Ned Hardison Katherine Hawley Marti and David Head Mike and Cathy Hyzy Beth and Hytham Imseis David Julian Karen and Newmoon Jung Dr. Charity Kates James Kimball, in Honor of Fredda Kimball Amy Hamilton and Michael King Tricia and Ryan Knatz Edward and Juliet Kuehnle Maryann Largen Mr. Wood Lay Julie and Howard Levine Sarah Hollar and Peter Macon Leslie and Michael Marsicano Jill Maxwell Rasu Shrestha, MD, MBA Drs. Nydia and Michael McCrohan Suzy and Ed McMahan Darlyne Menscer Shelley and Andy Misiaveg Donna and Al de Molina Gail Sharps Myers Jill and Ed Newman Dr. Robert and Norma Nagy Jill and Ed Newman Drs. Elaine and Thomas Pacicco Jim and Amy Parker Debbie and Bill Pendleton Julia and Kline Pepper Susan Pond Melissa and Timothy Prentice Laura and Fidel Prieto Dr. John and Susan Rae Dr. Amy Hecht and Ms. Claudia Ribas Phillip Riggs William R. Rollins Carla and Ed Rose Jim and Carol Salisbury Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schlesinger Charles Shelton Michael N. Silverman Mary and John Spegal Mrs. Roddey Dowd Sr. Shannon and Ken Stober Virginia and Lane Sutton Jennifer Troyer and John Teague Kathryn and Mark Thompson Judy Schindler and Chip Wallach Abby and James Warren Teresa and Stick Williams Jen Woodward
*Members of The Legacy Society at Blumenthal. +In Memoriam
Gifts received from Jan. 1, 2020-July 31, 2021