PFO Creative Team
By no means does Ana Ogbueze produce this work alone. Of course, the dancers are a huge part, but it's her team of believers that help make the magic happen.

Ana and the team believe that anytime you are intentional about giving something or someone your best, you automatically receive the blessings that are specifically meant for you. Whether it's a favorable result, a life lesson or a seed of hope deposited into someone else … it was worth it.

The core team for the 2022 season includes Dr. Kellye Worth Hall, Allison Lilly, Tiffany Owens, Stormi Boyd and Will Johnston.

To be "Full Out" is a term that means; give it your all, give it your best, push the envelope, and test your limits. At PFO we encourage individuals to be “Full Out” in everything they do from the pursuit of their dreams to how they influence and help others succeed. To be “Full Out” is a special moment where the mind, body and spirit reveals your capacity as a person.