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She graduated in Tango and Folklore at the National University of the Arts. She was part of international dance companies touring Korea, China, Italy, Chile, Sweden, Finland, Qatar and Argentine Antarctica. She is currently a choreographer and director in "Aurea, Compañía de tango." She is a teacher at the National University of the Arts in the Tango chair and assistant director in the company.
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He was part of the shows "Morocha y Pasional," "Fever Tango," "Opus Tango," "Tango Emoción," among others. He was an assistant to the renowned dancer “Juan Carlos Copes.”
He is the director and choreographer of the company "Tango + Tango" that performed at festivals in Berlin, Australia and Tarbes. He is the organizer of renowned tango festivals such as "Argentina Tango Salón Festival" and "Mucho Tango Festival."
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She graduated from the National University of the Arts as an interpreter and choreographer. In 2004 she received the Title of World Tango Champion at the Tango Festival in the city of Buenos Aires, later representing Argentina in festivals, fairs and summits.
She integrated and toured with companies such as Tanguera, Chantecler Tango, Tangox2, Tango Pasión and Arrabal.
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He was part of international shows touring Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Japan, Korea and Pakistan.
He is currently a dancer in the shows "Sensaciones de Tango," "Mansión Tango" and "Casablanca del alma mía," "Tango Dynasty" by Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Piñero and choreographic assistant of the company "El Cxuce."
Cinthia Diaz is a graduate and Master at the National University of Arts in the career of tango.
She participated as a guest teacher in festivals in Uruguay, Italy, France, Austria, Greece and Japan. Since 2018 she directs the Primavera Project; a tango, dance and theater company made up only of women.
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Bruno Mayo is Metropolitan Champion of Milonga in the city of Buenos Aires in 2006. He is dancer and assistant of the Tango Company of the National University of the Arts.
He is an invited teacher at Laboratorio Baires in Turin, Italy, and at the Ibero-American School of Tango de Tiempo in Fukuoka, Japan.
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She is the 2021 World Stage Tango Champion, runner-up in the 2016 edition, and third place in the 2018 Buenos Aires International Tango Festival together with Emmanuel Casal. She was part of shows such as Tango Desire Company, Marcos Ayala Company, Relatos de Inmigrantes Tango, Tango Oasis and Chantecler. She was invited to give classes at important festivals in Argentina, Europe, Asia, the U.S. and Latin America.
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He is a World Stage Tango Champion 2021, runner-up in the 2016 edition, and third place in the 2018 International Tango Festival of Buenos Aires together with Yanina Muzyka. He was part of important tango companies. He currently teaches classes and participates in tango festivals in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
She was received at the National School of Dance of the city of Buenos Aires. Together with Jesús Páez, they obtained 5th place in the metropolitan championship of the city of Buenos Aires and were four times finalists in the world championship of salon tango. Currently they travel together around the world doing exhibitions and giving classes in tango festivals in Europe, Asia and Africa.
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He was part of shows by Querandi, Tango Porteño, Mora Godoy Tango Company, Complejo Tango, El Tortoni, Señor Tango and Michelangelo.

He was invited to festivals in different countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, also participating as a jury and choreographer.
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She was part of the tango university company participating in the Cambalache Festival, World Tango Festival and with the Mariano Mores orchestra at Luna Park. She was a teacher invited to give classes in milongas and schools in France, England and Poland or festivals such as the White Tango Festival in Saint Petersburg.
She was part of the DNI Tango school and its Company. She was the choreographer of the play “Remueve la piel sighs.”
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She participated in tango festivals as a performer and teacher in countries like Argentina, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and the United States. She is a Guest Artist at Queer Tango Festivals around the world. In 2008, she founded her own tango company in Buenos Aires, “Open Tango.” She was a semifinalist in the Tango World Cup as the first queer tango couple in the history of the competition.