About Yllana
Spain's award-winning comedy-theatre company, Yllana, was born in 1991 as a troupe that creates, produces, directs and distributes shows and other special events, as well as programming other theatrical venues and developing different cultural projects.
In the last 31 years, Yllana has produced 37 theatre shows: Muu!, Glub Glub, 666 (Outstanding Unique Theatrical Event at the New York Fringe Festival 2009), Hipo, Rock & Clown, Spingo, ¡Splash!, Star Trip, Los mejores sketches de Monty Python, Olimplaff, La Cantante Calva, Buuu!, PaGAGnini (The Editors ThreeWeeks Award at the Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2009), Musicall, Brokers, Zoo (Spanish Max Award for Best Family Show 2010), Sensormen, ¡Muu!2, The Hole, Action Man, Far West, Monty Python, Los Mejores Sketches, Sinfònic Ara, The Gagfather, Chefs, Lo Mejor de Yllana, The Primitals (Audience Award for Best Musical Show at the Avignon Off Festival 2019), The Opera Locos (Spanish Max Award for Best Musical Show 2019), Ben-Hur, Gag Movie, Maestrissimo, Glubs, Greenpiss, Trash!, No todos son pulgas, The Royal Gag Orchestra and Passport.