About the Program
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Social Tango Project’s mission is to spread the value of social dancing by celebrating the tango community through live dance performances, music, films and a photo exhibition.
Our desire is to inspire more people to express themselves and connect with others through social dancing.
Artistic Direction Agustina Videla
My connection with tango began 27 years ago when I fell in love with this dance and decided to dedicate myself to it. Since then I have taught and performed in different countries. I got to know dozens of Milongas around the world and danced with hundreds of amateur dancers.
During this time I became aware of the meaning that tango has in the lives of so many people. Dance allows us to connect with others, but it also makes us part of a community.
Twelve years ago I abandoned my itinerant life to raise my children in Buenos Aires. At that moment, Ramón de Oliveira Cezar, an amateur dancer who discovered tango in the milongas of New York, offered me to create a project that would focus on the social experience of dancing. Our motivation was to inspire more people to enjoy this dance. From there a great team was formed. “Social Tango” premiered in 2013 with the production of the Buenos Aires Theater Complex. Since then it has had several versions. Surely this is not the last. But that no longer worries us because we understood that this work will continue to evolve along with all of us.
Agustina Videla
Synopsis "Social Tango, a dance performance" brings the audience into the social dance world through the experience of a woman who discovers a “milonga” and takes on the challenge to learn how to dance.
70 minutes
Kennedy Center, Washington, DC. April 8, 2023 We would like to thank the following people from the tango community for their great collaboration: Enrique Bravo (from Washington, DC), Neila Goumiri (from Fredericton), the “Québec Tango Association,” Carol Anne Horowitz and “Studio Tango School” (from Montreal), “Siempre Tango School” (from Ottawa), and Mark Mindel (from Charlotte, NC)