About the Company
Joya Kazi Unlimited was first founded in Joya Nandy Kazi's Bay Area hometown in 2004 offering dance education through a multifaceted curriculum incorporating both classical and contemporary dance studies of the East and West with a focus on technique, choreography and performance.

Offerings expanded to Los Angeles in 2012 to include fitness training and dynamic shows presented by JKU's critically acclaimed resident dance company known for elevating Indian classical and Bollywood styles into the mainstream. JKU's unprecedented quality has brought about accolades for the award-winning Academy & Performance Company as Kazi was steering the company into new spaces with an increased focus on developing services in the entertainment and events industries worldwide.

JKU expanded into Joya Kazi Entertainment in 2021 to best reflect its services offered in TV and film as an entertainment agency from stage to screen in dance, choreography, casting and consulting.