About Project: FULL OUT
Project: FULL OUT is an umbrella production company that creates dance-related live events and made-for-TV programming such as showcases, game shows, concerts, and award shows.
Project: FULL OUT, better known as PFO, was created by producer, director, and choreographer Ana Ogbueze in an effort to change the narrative about what makes a person a "real" dancer. Her vision to create doors of opportunity for aspiring professional dancers has not only helped reshaped the Charlotte dance community but has also highlighted the importance of a dancers' wellness and access to resources.
Semiannually, PFO provides a six- to eight-week training program that culminates in a live dance concert featuring performances from aspiring, professional, and recreational dancers specifically located in Charlotte. The program not only creates an irresistible performance platform but also fosters a safe space for the dancers' development of their mental and physical well-being. Specifically, in the areas of mobility, stress management, mood management, and perseverance, dance empowers the mind-body and soul.
The program was created to challenge, coach, and celebrate dancers from all walks of life as they pursue their dance dreams. Project: FULL OUT thrives on the campaign, “Push For Opportunities." We push for opportunities to create, train, and live out our dreams. Our main goal - to provide training and performance opportunities that diversify the Charlotte dance industry and promote the therapeutic benefits of dance.