A Note About the Plot
Benny is Mark and Roger’s former roommate. With the help of his wealthy father-in-law, Benny has bought the building in which Mark and Roger live and the lot next door that is inhabited by a group of homeless people. Benny wants to build a high-tech cyber-arts studio on the property. Toward this end, he plans to clear the homeless from the lot and evict all the tenants from the building, including Mark and Roger.

Mark’s former lover, Maureen, schedules a performance protest of Benny’s scheme for midnight on Christmas Eve. Benny offers a deal to Mark and Roger: if they convince Maureen to stop her protest, Mark and Roger can stay in the building rent-free.
At the end of Act I, Maureen stages her performance. A riot erupts in the lot, which Mark videotapes. Then Benny padlocks the building, locking out all the tenants.
Act II begins on New Year’s Eve as Mark, Roger and friends attempt to break back into the building. The rest of the act follows the events of the year.